Newborn Workshop

Date: 13&14 November | Location: JHB | Cost: R6950

2 Day Hands on Workshop

Photographing Newborns can be one of the most rewarding experiences as a photographer, but also the most daunting. It’s taken me 10 years and a lot of practice to master my skills working with these tiny babies and develop my own unique style, that I now get to pass along to you. Whether you are a seasoned photographer or just starting out my aim is for everyone to be able to walk away with valuable experience that will help you improve on your skills and confidence in a way that isn’t possible with online workshops.

Day 1
Set-up and Preparation
Session 1 – Observation Newborn Session
Session 2 – Wrapping and Family Posing
Wine and Q&A

Day 2
Set-Up and Styling
Session 3 – Hands on Posing
Session 4* – Hands on Posing
Tailored Session



What to Expect

My approach to photographing Newborns is baby-led, entirely prop-based with no beanbags making it easy to do these sessions in the comfort of my clients homes. During this workshop, you will gain hands-on experience working with newborns, guided by me, alongside a handful of other photographers.

On Day One I will take you through how I prepare and set up for each session, my approach, including how I interact with the parents, siblings and the different soothing techniques I use.
Our first Newborn Model will arrive and we will start with an observation session so you can sit back and watch how I work with Newborns. During this session I will talk you through everything I do from newborn safety to lighting and angles, my prop set-ups, wrapping techniques, and a variety of poses. This is a great way to ease you into our second session after we break for lunch.

After Lunch, our second little one will arrive for the day. This will be a wrapped session including family and siblings (if we can get one) This is your chance to start practicing your shots as each attendee has 1:1 time with me as I guide them through each photograph they take.
We will end off the day with a glass of wine whilst we go over some editing and reflect on the day.

Day Two is all about hands-on posing! Each attendee will choose a pose they are struggling with the most and we will style some beautiful set-ups ready for our models to arrive. There’s no time pressure and we go whatever pace you and the baby are comfortable with, I will then assist each individual as we work on that pose.

We will tailor our last session of the day to whichever area the group wants help with most. Whether it’s editing, a little bit of business, or finding your own unique style, you can ask me anything and there will be no secrets kept.
You will then have the first option to buy a selection of my Newborn props as well as the opportunity to go onto my referral list.



Book Now

Date: 13&14 November | Location: JHB | Cost: R6950

Lunch and Refreshments will be provided both days as well as wine on the first evening
All styling aids, props and Newborn Models included | Travel & Accommodation not included
50% booking fee required to secure your spot, remainder due 7 days before

  • Canon/ Nikon, Lenses etc.
  • Beginner / Intermediate / Experienced