FAQSFrequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do you typically book weddings?

Anything between 1-12 Months in advance especially for peak seasons so make sure you book in advance as I only take on a limited amount of wedding throughout the year!

What are the procedures of booking a wedding?

You first need to find out if I am available for your date, then you need to secure your date by paying a 50% Booking Fee and Signing my contract. Easy as that!
Unfortunately I cannot hold any dates without the booking fee and Contract.

Do we need to meet before the wedding?

Not necessarily! But I’m happy to meet my clients before their day if it makes them feel more comfortable!

Where do we usually meet?

Close to my office in North Riding, Johanessburg, Gauteng or on skype for International clients!

What photographic equipment do I use? Do you have a backup?

I Shoot with Canon simply out of personal preference; I believe a beautiful image has more to do with the person behind the Camera than the equipment itself.

And yes! I always have a backup!

Do I make use of lighting equipment?

I try and shoot with natural light wherever possible as nothing beats its quality, however where there is not enough light I will use my flash/studio lights to get the desired effect I want.

Will I be the photographer at your wedding?


Do you work with an assistant?

Yes, I prefer to work with an assistant and you are welcome to book a second shooter should you wish!

Do you travel for weddings?

YES! I love destination Weddings!! I include 80km travel in your package, thereafter its R3.50/km as well as any tolls or flights etc.

How much time do I need for taking photos?

For the Best results on your day I will need the following.

Décor: 30-45mins (This needs to be ready to be photographed before I come to the bride)
Bride Details & before the Deremony: +/- 45 min
Brides Getting Dressed: +/- 30min
Bridal Portraits: +/- 30min
Groom Details & Getting Dressed: +/- 30min
Groom Portraits: +/- 30min
Ceremony: 45 min to 1 hour
Family and Bridal Party: 20 to 30 min
Couple photos: 1 hour +
Reception: Depends on the amount of time left.

My aunt/uncle/brother/friend also has a camera is it okay if they tag along?

Unfortunately not – its like asking if my friend can come watch you work to learn your style. Lighting, posing and creating the moment is half of my job, they may not have the skill to capture it correctly but it really hurts me when I find someone who’s been sneaking photos over my shoulder the whole day decide they are going to post pictures to their new photography page and claim it as their own…You are paying us at the end of the day and we don’t want your photos to be ruined if uncle Joe jumps in front of the camera during your first kiss or half your family is looking in the wrong direction during their photos. We also don’t allow any other unofficial photographers to join us during the couple shoot.

Am I limited to the number of photographs you will take?

Not at all – I try capture every moment of the day – you will then receive a collection of the best images that I feel tell the story of your day best!

Do we have to provide you with a meal?

Yes please! We do require seating for two as well as a meal. If you are having a cash bar I ask if you could kindly organize refreshments for us as well.

Can you take table shots of all the guests?

I will take photojournalistic shots of people’s reactions throughout the evening however we don’t take table shots, if you would like photos of all your guests then I suggest organising a photobooth!

Can you remove my double chin, mole, add a flower, nicer sky etc?

I always like to make sure my clients look incredible on their wedding day, especially the Bride!
However I still try and keep my editing as natural and real as possible and rather pose you correctly to avoid the double chins etc.
However if there is anything distracting in the image I will remove it!
Any requests for advanced retouching is charged at R50/image

How long will it be before we can see our photos?

Because of the amount of work that goes into your images it will take between 8-12 weeks before they will be ready depending on how busy we are. Albums will be ready only after images have been selected and the design approved which can be an additional 2-4 weeks for printing.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you request a change in date, the booking fee is transferable and prices are still guaranteed depending on my availability for the new date and as long as the new date is within one year from the original booking and the request is received 30 days from the original date. If the new date is more than one year from the original booking, then any new pricing in effect will apply.

Any other advice I could give a couple?

Focus on quality – you want these memories to last a lifetime so it’s really something worth investing in. There is nothing worse than having the biggest day of your life and then nothing to show for it. Trust me… I know!

What is the most important thing on the wedding day for you as a photographer?

The most important thing is that my clients feel comfortable around me so I can capture them as naturally as possible.

Do you offer coffee table books?

I firmly believe in printing your moments! I offer a range of beautifully crafted albums that you can choose from after your wedding day.

Who selects the images for the album?

To get the album to you as soon as possible I will select what I feel are the best images for your album and send a proof to you for approval.

Do you only shoot weddings?

No! My other huge passion is newborn photography! But I Love shooting ANYTHING that involves People!

Do we own the rights of the photos that you take or do you?

I believe that my clients pay me for the photos I take and therefore they should own the rights to their photos!
You may post them anywhere you like, use them for stationary, even print them on canvas for your home! The only thing you can’t do is claim them as your own work or use them for commercial purposes such as using them to promote your own business or allowing a venue/vendor to use the images to advertise their business.
If you would like to enter any of the images into competitions we would appreciate if you could credit us for the images!
We do retain the right to use the images to advertise our studio online as well as in printed media.


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When should I book my child Milestone session?

During your baby’s first year they grow and develop so much, they learn to hold their head up, they can sit, crawl and before you know it they’re running! Those moments come and go so fast! You can capture those milestones by documenting your babies first year! And treasure them forever!
I recommend bringing your baby every 3-6months to capture their progression during their first year!

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When should I book my maternity session?

Being pregnant is one of the most precious gifts in life, to have a little life growing inside you is a miracle in itself.
It’s something that should be loved and cherished forever!
Maternity shoots are usually done when you are around 30-35 weeks pregnant, shot on a location of your choice. They can be fun or relaxed and your husband and any children are also welcome to join!

When should I book my newborn session?

A child will never be as tiny and adorable as when they were a Newborn every moment, every expression is priceless and should be treasured forever!
The best time to photograph a newborn is when they are 5-10 days old. So book your session during your last trimester to ensure that you come in when they are that age.