Wild & Fierce

It’s time to Fiercely Love yourself, today, exactly as you are.

It’s time to start a new era, one where women celebrate who they are. One where they love their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin. One where they feel empowered.

I have this passion to empower women through self love in intimate moments. We live in a world where we are constantly confronted with societies view of what beauty should look like. Often leaving us feeling self critical, unworthy, unlovable and just not good enough. And it’s time that ends.
It’s time we decide to fiercly love ourselves, exactly as we are, beause we are all worthy and deserving of love.
We don’t have to be perfect, because perfection isn’t real.
We need to start loving and embracing every part of ourselves and stop comparing ourselves to a standard of beauty that isnt real or obtainable.

I am so passionate about these sessions because I get to help women go on this journey of self love. I get to share in their experience as they grow in confience every time they see an image and think, “I can’t belive thats me”.
I get to watch women embrace themselves and just let go! Allowing themselves to be a little wild and free.

I hope to go on this journey with you. Because every one of us deserves to love ourselves.


“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.”

Walt Disney










Investing in ourselves is often one of the last priorities on our lists. But in reality it should be at the top.
Choosing to love yourself, invest in yourself, your worth, your confidence, the way you see yourself is the most important thing you can do. Because it effects everything around you.

Boudoir Sessions

A beautiful wild & fierce session, styled with my guidance, shot in my home studio in JHB

A selection of beautifully edited Hi-Res images
Sent via Download along with a beautiful Online Gallery preview just for you.

Sessions start at R3,500

*Make up & Hair not included




Just a few faq

Where are you located? Do you travel?

My studio is based in North Riding, JHB. This is where all my boudoir shoots take place. If you would like your shoot to take place at home we can discuss travel fees. I do also occasionally travel and you are welcome to contact me about my travel dates if you would like to book your shoot in a different city.

I really want to do a shoot like this but I don’t know if I feel ready. I feel like I lack the confidence and first need to lose weight. Should I wait until I’m in better shape or when I have more confidence?

Huni… I’m here to tell you that you are perfect and worthy of love exactly as you are. We are all so self critical and it’s very rare that we feel “perfect” enough, or worthy to be in front of a camera, but we ALL are. But that is what I am here for, to help you gain that confidence to fiercely love yourself and show you how incredible and beautiful you are!
I focus on each clients unique shape, favorite attributes and encourage you to fall in love with every part of yourself even your least favourite ones.
My goal with each one of my Intimate Boudoir Sessions is that they are a really impactful experience for you. An experience that allows you to be a little wild, helping you see you worth, fiercely love yourself and leave you with the confidence you deserve.

P.S I know this can be scary, but you’re safe with me. My studio is a loving, jugement free zone where all I want is for you to leave feeling amazing, beautiful and liberated.

How do I make a booking?

1. Get in touch with me with your details and to check my availability I would suggest booking 6-12 weeks in advance

2. If I’m available I will send you the details of my packages for you to consider

3. Once you’re ready to book, you can fill in an online booking form (the booking form link is available at the bottom of my packages)

4. You will receive a confirmation from me as well as your invoice in order for you to pay your booking fee

5. You will need to pay a 50% non-refundable booking fee to secure your date, once I have that I will confirm your date!

6. That’s it! Once that’s done I can send your more information to help you plan your session and I’m all yours!

Will you make me look skinnier, bum look bigger etc?

No huni. Because this is all about loving yourself. I will pose you to perfection and get all your best angles but this is about self love. All our bodies are uniquely beautiful and you don’t need to change a thing!
All my editing is natural and enhances all the beauty you already have.

I don’t know what to wear will you help me? Can I be nude?

Of course! It’s so important to choose the right outfits for your body! I will send you some inspiration and we can chat about the best choices for you. You can wear whatever you are comfortable with in your session so if that means you want a few shots in your birthday suit too let me know.

I have no idea what I’m doing or how to pose will you guide me?

Absolutely! That’s my job as your photographer and hype girl! I will help you every step of the way to help you get into the best poses to show off your beauitful self! Remember most of my clients have no idea when it comes to posing or being in front of the camera, let alone in lingerie, that’s why I got you girl. You’re safe with me.

How long will it be before we can see our photos?

Because of the amount of work that goes into your images it will take between 4-6 weeks before they will be ready depending on how busy I am.
Printed collections will be ready only after images have been selected and the design approved which can be an additional 2-4 weeks for printing.
Let me know of any time frame you have in mind prior to your shoot so we can schedule your shoot accordingly. Any rushed order will subject to an additional fee.

Will my images be shared on social media?

That’s completely up to you! Some clients want me to keep their galleries private, others are happy for me to share some annonymous images and others are happy to share it for everyone to see! It’s whatever you are comfortable with. I do love being able to share some images and experiences in order to encourage other ladies so let me know if I am able to do that.